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Story S.l.a.p. Guidelines

Anyone can be a story-teller!  If you're a story-telling master, or a "non-performer" who just wants to spin a good yarn, we would love for you to be a part of our first story-telling event, the Off Center's "STORY SLAP."


The Story Slap can be whatever you want it to be, but here are some guidelines. 

  • Each slap has a unique prompt.  Participants are encouraged to use it as a spring board, and not a barrier. 

  • The story can be as short as a few minutes, but should not be more than ten minutes to make room for other story tellers.

  • Stories from the first person are strongly encouraged, but elaborate lies are more than welcome. 

  • Please be kind. The Off Center is a place for everyone, regardless of race, gender,  sexuality, or ability. Hate is not welcome here. 

  • People of every background are encouraged to submit and participate. 

  • Story coaching, or just help rehearsing is available for storytellers upon request.  Email

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